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This database contains spectra and chromaticities of rainforest fruits and leaves from the environments of several primate species. There are also measurements of primate fur and skin. They were collected by Ben Regan during field work in French Guiana (1993-5) and by Petroc Sumner in Uganda and England (1997-8) as part of PhD projects under the supervision of Prof. J. D. Mollon.

We make these spectra available for two reasons: first to provide botanists and zoologists with a more quantitative specification of colours than are given by everyday colour terms, and second, to provide visual scientists with the materials for modelling the responses of human and animal eyes to biological targets and the backgrounds against which they must be detected.

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The spectra are in a form suitable for down-loading from this web site. We are pleased to make this material available to interested scientists on the understanding that it will not be used for commercial purposes and that the source will be acknowledged in any publications.

Please see our acknowledgments to the people and organisations who have made this work possible and who have helped in many ways.

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