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Spectra Acknowledgements

French Guiana

We thank Pierre Charles-Dominique, Catherine Julliot, Bruno Simmen, Desmo Betian and Wemo Betian, for help with the fieldwork, and Daniel Sabatier, Bernard Riéra, Odile Poncy, and Pierre-Michel Forget for assistance in identifying botanical samples. The work was supported by the BBSRC, by NERC grant GR3/8901, and additionally by St John’s College, Cambridge, the Cambridge Philosophical Society, and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.


Supported by NERC (GR3/8901A). In connection with the fieldwork, we wish to thank the following: Dr Gilbert Isabirye-Basuta and Dr John Kasenene for zoological and botanical guidance; Patrick Mucunguzi and Francis Mirindi for help climbing trees and loan of climbing equipment; Kibale Monkey Project, Kibale Chimpanzee Project, William Olupot, Dr John Mitani and Kanyanchu Chimpanzee Habituation Project for information on primate diet and trees in fruit; Patrick Kagoro for help in identifying tree species; Budongo Forest Project for access to additional chimpanzee habitats. The fieldwork was supported by grants from Corpus Christi College Cambridge, the Experimental Psychology Society and Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Primate pelage

We owe thanks to the Natural History Museum, London, Entebbe Wildlife Centre, Uganda, Colchester zoo, Colchester, Drayton Manor park, Tamworth, Hamerton Wildlife Park, Hamerton, Twycross zoo, Atherstone and Willers Mill Wild Animal Sanctuary, Shepreth.