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Friday, 13 July

Afternoon Opsins and daltonism, Chairman: J. D. Mollon
14.00 Opening remarks.
14.10 Schertler, F. X. G. "The structure of rhodopsin"
14.50 Deeb, S. S., Jagla, W., Jaegle, H., Hayashi, T. and Sharpe, L. T. "Genotypic variation in multi-gene dichromats"
15.10 Jagla, W., Breitsprecher, T., Jaegle, H., Kucsera, I., Kovacs, G., Wissinger, B., Deeb, S. and Sharpe, L. T. "Hybrid pigment genes, dichromacy and anomalous trichromacy"
Tea; Trade Exhibition
16.00 Neitz, M., Bollinger, K., Sjoberg, S. A. and Neitz, J. "Correlation between being the last gene of a 3-gene array with an absence of expression from that gene"
16.20 Neitz, J., Bollinger, K., Sjoberg, S. A. and Neitz, M. "The color vision defect in deuteranomalous trichromacy is caused by the absence of M cone photopigment gene expression"
16.40 Kitahara, K., Yamaguchi, T., Hayashi, T., Ohkido, M., Nishio, Y. and Kubo, A. "Polymorphism in L- and M-cone pigment genes in color-normal Japanese males and both their M/L cone ratios and red/green color opponent system"
17.00 Tanabe, S., Ichikawa, K., Hukami, K., Saito, Y. and Nakashima, S. "Monozygotic twin sisters who have clinically different color vision"
17.20 Birch, J. "Extreme anomalous trichromatism"
End of session
Reception, Fitzwilliam Museum.
The Director, Mr. Duncan Robinson, will speak on Rennaissance Colourists. The Keeper of Manuscripts has kindly agreed to put on display for the Society two of the treasures of the Fitzwilliam: the notebook in which Newton records his purchase of three prisms and Jean Corbechon's illuminated manuscript "On Colours" of 1415.
Dinner, Peterhouse Hall

Saturday, 14 July

Morning 1 Comparative studies, Chairman: A. Shapiro
9.00 Ahnelt, P., Moutairou, K., Gloesmann, M. and Heiss, A. "Lack of S-opsin expression in the african porcupine (Hystrix cristata) and other mammals. Is the evolutionary persistence of S-cones a paradox?"
9.20 Bowmaker, J. K., Parry, J. W. L. and Mollon, J. D. "The arrangement of L and M cones in human and a primate retina"
9.40 Jacobs, G. H. and Deegan, J. F. "Prosimians and the origins of primate trichromacy"
10.00 Sumner, P. and Mollon, J. D "Did primate trichromacy evolve for frugivory or folivory?"
10.20 Moreland, J. D. and Westland, S. "Macular pigment: Nature's notch filter"
Coffee; Trade Exhibition
Morning 2 Clinical assessment, Chairman: J. Birch
11.10 Dain, S. J. "Evaluation of the 'Colour Vision Testing Made Easy' test"
11.30 Ventura, D. F., Silveira, L. C. L., Rodrigues, A. R., Nishi, M., De Souza, J. M., Gualtieri, M., Bonci, D., Nunes, A. P. and Costa, M. F. "Preliminary norms for the Cambridge Colour Test"
11.50 Hovis, J. "Lantern Tests: one light or two?"
12.10 Spalding, J. A. B. "The diagnostic skill of doctors with congenital colour vision deficiency"
Lunch, Peterhouse Hall
Afternoon Posters
14.00 - 17.00 Poster session, First-floor South, University Centre (access from little St. Mary's Lane). Tea will be served in the University Centre at 16.00.
Evening Colour theory in the early 19th century, Chairman: C. R. Cavonius
17.00 - 17.40 J. J. Koenderink "Schopenhauer's colour theory"
17.40 - 18.00 J. D. Mollon "Thomas Young"
19.00 - 20.00
Reception, Emmanuel College

Sunday, 15 July

Morning Colour vision in visual disorders, Chairman: A. Roth
9.00 Sharpe, L. T., Traenkner, D., Seifert, R., Jaegle, H., Kohl, S., Wissinger, B. and Kaupp, B. "The molecular, cellular and functional basis of achromatopsia"
9.20 Crognale, M. A., Nolan, J. B. and Webster, M. A. "Color appearance and central color coding in a case of congenital cone dysfunction"
9.40 Scholl, H. P. N., Kremers, J., Vonthein, R., White, K. and Weber, B. H. F. "L- and M-cone driven electroretinograms in Stargardt's macular dystrophy - Fundus flavimaculatus"
10.00 Jacobs, G. H., Calderone, J. B., Sakai, T., Lewis, G. P. and Fisher, S. K. "Loss and recovery of S and M cone function in retinal detachment"
Coffee; Trade Exhibition
10.50 Schroeder, A., Erb, C., Schwartze, G., Radermacher, J. and Winter, R. "Color-vision disturbances in patients with arterial hypertension"
11.10 Silveira, L. C. L., Damim, E. T. B., Pinheiro, M. C. N., Rodrigues, A. R., Moura, A. L. A. and Mello, G. A. "Visual dysfunction in Amazonian gold miners exposed to metallic mercury vapour"
11.30 Barbur, J. L., Harlow, J. A. and Plant, G. "Selective loss of 'GREEN' sensitivity following damage to ventral occipito-temporal cortex"
Lunch, Peterhouse Hall
14.00 - 24.00
Excursion to Ely and to Newton's birthplace at Woolsthorpe Manor.
Buses will leave from Peterhouse at 14.00. A light dinner will be served on the 'Daltonian', departing Loughborough Central at 17.30.

Monday 16 July

Morning 1 Retinal processes, Chairman: G. H. Jacobs
9.00 Marshak, D. "A model of the midget ganglion cell surround"
9.20 Lee, B. B. "Receptive field asymmetries and chromatic sensitivity of cells of the parvocellular (PC) pathway"
9.40 Sun, H., Lee, B. B. and Ruettiger, L. "Coding of position of achromatic and chromatic edges by retinal ganglion cells"
10.00 Jaegle, H., Hood, D. C., Albrecht, J., Yu, A., Zhang, X. and Sharpe, L. T. "Cone-isolating multifocal ERGs and VEPs: implications for the magno- and parvo-cellular pathways"
Coffee; Trade Exhibition
Morning 2 Spatio-temporal properties, Chairman: F. Viénot
10.50 Smith, V. C. and Pokorny, J. "Psychophysical correlates of Parvo- and Magno-cellular function"
11.30 Stockman, A. "Light adaptation and changes in the S- and M-cone temporal responses"
11.50 Robson, A. G., Kulikowski, J. J., Korostenskaja, M., Neveu, M., Hogg, C. R. and Holder, G. E. "Integration times reveal mechanisms responding to isoluminant chromatic gratings: a two-centre Visual Evoked Potential study"
12.10 De Luca, E., Gegenfurtner, K. R. and Sharpe, L. T. "Cone contrast sensitivity in trichromats and dichromats"
Lunch, Peterhouse Hall
Afternoon Constancy and contrast, Chairman: J. Pokorny
14.00 Wolf, K. and Hurlbert, A.C. "The effect of global contrast distribution on colour appearance"
14.20 McCann, J. "Calculating color appearances in complex and simple images"
14.40 Foster, D. H. and Amano, K. "Tritanopic colour constancy under daylight changes?"
15.00 Amano, K. and Foster, D. "Colour constancy under orthogonal-daylight changes in red-green colour deficiency"
15.20 Shevell, S. and Cao, D. "Chromatic assimilation: evidence for a neural mechanism"
Tea; Trade Exhibition
16.10 Presentation of the Verriest Medal by the President, Dr. André Roth.
16.20 D. I. A. MacLeod. The Verriest Lecture: "Color discrimination, color constancy and natural scene statistics"
17.15 Business Meeting
18.00-19.00 Private Reception, Cambridge University Press Bookshop, No. 1 Trinity Street. This building has been in continuous use as a bookshop since 1581 – longer than any other in the world.
Conference dinner, Peterhouse Hall.
Pre-dinner drinks will be served from 19.45

Tuesday, 17 July

Morning Modelling and psychophysics, Chairman: A. Hurlbert
9.00 Campenhausen, V. von and Schramme, J. "Some properties of the physiological colour system"
9.20 Knoblauch, K. "Visualizing an observer's matches in an alien color space"
9.40 Buck, S. and Knight, R. "Stimulus duration affects rod influence on hue perception"
10.00 Nerger, J. L., Haase, K. A. and Volbrecht, V. J. "The influence of rods on color naming during dark adaptation"
Coffee; Trade Exhibition
10.50 Smithson, H. E., Mollon, J. D. and Sumner, P. "Locating the tritan line with transient tritanopia"
11.10 Paramei, G. V., Kutsch, H. B. and Cavonius, C. R. "Faster temporal processing in the red-green system is most pronounced for small colour differences"
11.30 McKeefry, D. J., Parry, N. R. A. and Murray, I. J. "Reaction times in isoluminant colour space"
11.50 Barbur, J. L., Harlow, J. A. and French, K. "Properties of feature-tracking mechanisms for colour-defined motion perception"

Audio-visual arrangements

A data projector, a slide projector and an overhead projector will be available in the lecture theatre. The standard length for contributed papers is 15 minutes plus five minutes for discussion. A distribution box will be available to allow up to four lap-tops to be connected to the data projector before the session begins.

Nevertheless, if you are using Powerpoint, please prepare a lecture of 13 minutes or less, in order to allow for the time needed to change between lap-tops and to restart software etc.

Poster Session

The poster session will be held on Saturday afternoon, 14.00 - 17.00 on the first floor of the University Centre. The Centre is reached from Peterhouse by walking a few paces towards the river down Little St. Mary's lane; the Centre is on your right. Tea will be served in the poster session at 16.00.

Boards will be available for mounting posters from 13.00. Posters should be mounted with velcro, which will be supplied. The dimensions of poster boards are 2 x 2 metres. The boards will be numbered and these correspond to the numbers of the abstracts in this book.

Trade Exhibitors

Exhibitors at the meeting will include: Cambridge Research Systems (Visual stimulus generators), D. G. Colour (colour tests and materials), Micron Techniques (spectroradiometric instruments), and Oculus (HMC anomaloscope). The exhibitors will be found in the coffee area.

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